About us

Synergy Consulting is specialised in the mediation of sales professionals within IT.

Our team consists of enthusiastic and experienced recruitment advisors.

Our objective is to be a valuable partner for both clients and sales professionals working within the IT industry. We make this happen by bringing the right people in contact with one another.
Our work method sets us apart because we don’t just focus on the active job market, but are also in contact with latent job seekers.
These are the candidates who are not actively looking for a new challenge, but are open to that one great opportunity. This means we have a greater pool for our clients to draw from and can therefore enhance the quality of our service by being able to be even more selective.

For sales professionals our approach is translated into personal contact. We do not send impersonal emails and newsletters. We ensure that we are aware of what our candidates are looking for. Therefore, we will only approach these candidates with their ideal challenge.