The success of a company is partly determined by sophisticated staff management. Therefore, it is of vital importance that the right person is in the right position.
Synergy Consulting supports employers within the IT industry to find and contract the right sales professionals. With our ample experience and focus on the IT Sales market we are able to quickly understand what the demand is. This way, we can propose qualified candidates who will generate greater turnover.
We work with a large network of both active as well as latent job seekers. In this way, we don’t depend on the traditional recruitment channels and in most situations we are already in contact with the right candidate.
We also work with clear and flexible conditions, based on a ‘no cure, no fee’. This way you can be introduced to our services without any risk. In case of successful mediation we always work with a guarantee.
Are you looking for a new sales colleague for the short or long term or do you have any questions with regard to the above? Please contact us for a no obligation consultation for more information!